Alliance for Fiber-Based Materials Baden-Württemberg (AFBW)

The Baden-Württemberg Alliance for Fiber-Based Materials (Allianz Faserbasierter Werkstoffe Baden-Württemberg, AFBW) is a multi-industry technology network. It encourages exchange across the value chain for fibers – connecting manufacturers, users, and researchers.
AFBW provides a platform for dialog and knowledge transfer, and is a committed driver of innovation. In collaboration with its members and partners, AFBW identifies and promotes novel solutions, and supports the ‘renaissance of fibers’.

Added value through networking

  • provides early access to information and new markets
  • enables networking, and helps people and organizations to connect
  • provides knowledge and encourages knowledge transfer
  • supports collaborative projects with the aim of putting pioneering ideas into practice
  • pools expertise and encourages technology transfer – strengthening strengths
  • connects members to multipliers, opinion leaders and networks

AFBW promotes the development and use of fiber-based materials across multiple industries, and provides fresh impetus for innovation. Its objective is to strengthen the competiveness of local enterprises, and the regional economy as a whole.
The alliance offers a broad portfolio of services. This includes conferences and meetings that highlight new technological trends and uses; work groups and projects that explore ways of converting creative ideas into marketable products; shared booths at trade fairs, and PR and media work, that raise awareness of the industry’s capabilities.
The work of the AFBW makes it a key player in the world of fibers, and beyond. A core focus is promoting the use of fiber-based materials in a wide variety of applications, including smart textiles, architecture and construction, aerospace and automotive engineering, environmental technology, medicine, and lightweight construction.


Sandra Bayer Teixeira
Phone: +49 711 21050-12

AFBW - Alliance for Fiber-Based Materials Baden-Württemberg e. V.

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