Eschler Textil GmbH is considered a competent partner for innovative warp-knitted technical textiles. In Balingen, the company produces medical and orthopaedic textiles, baselayers for laminates and coatings, cleaning textiles, smart textiles and specialty textiles. The product range includes innovative three-dimensional spacer fabrics and two-dimensional qualities such as velours, meshs, elastics and loop fabrics. As part of the Schoeller Textil AG (CH-Sevelen), Eschler Textil has access to the expertise of the entire group and can use these synergies especially in the development of functional textiles. In 2017 Eschler signed the WIN Charta which is a management system for sustainability of the state Baden-Württemberg (

Services and Expertise

  • modern and high performance machinery
  • development of custom-made solutions
  • CAD-based product development in 3D-textiles
  • experience in developing spacer textiles
  • willingness to innovate and flexibility to produce small quantities
  • complete solution from one source (compound constructions, tapes)


Michael Walz
Phone: +49 7433 9924 13

Eschler Textil GmbH

Max-Planck-Str. 10
72336 Balingen