Essedea GmbH & Co. KG

The Essedea GmbH & Co. KG develops and produces three-dimensional textiles for demanding full applications in the fields of motion, work, home and care, under the registered trademark 3DEA ®.  Due to the thermo regulating, pressure elastic properties of the material, the areas of application are varied and numerous: They range from vehicle equipment and aviation to sound proofing and object furnishing to furniture upholstery and water catchment, lightweight construction and medical aids. At its founding, Essedea owned the first worldwide production plant for spacer fabrics up to 55mm in height.

Services and Expertise

  • Textile solutions for demanding areas of application
  • Development, production and sales of three-dimensional textiles

Development of innovative products and more

  • Mattresses, covers and pillows for use in medicine and nursing
  • Breathable car seats
  • Passive air-conditioned upholstery elements for in and outdoor furniture
  • Fog collectors for water catchment


Dirk Schulze
Phone: +49 2432 9644 60

Essedea GmbH & Co. KG

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