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Perlon® – The Filament Company – stems from the merger of PerlonNextrusion and Hahl-Pedex. With a production capacity of over 20,000 tons we are the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic filaments. We operate from locations in Germany, in the USA and in China.
PerlonNextrusion is the leading manufacturer for paper machine clothing (PMC) and a major supplier of high-performance monofilaments for demanding technical end uses. With more than 200 employees we produce up to 7.200 tons of monofilaments, with a turnover of >42 Mio €.
Our portfolio incorporates an extremely diverse range of products for almost any industrial application. We are constantly creating new solutions for unique products – developed today for the markets of tomorrow.

Services and Expertise

Development, Production and Sales

Qualifil ®, Perlons range of monofilaments for PMC and demanding technical end use in the field of spacer fabrics,  filtration (in particular solid-liquid separation), conveyor belts, sport articles (fishing lines with the brand PerlonXline). Monofilaments are also used for cables and ropes (Atlas ®), as reinforcement yarns in textile constructions and agriculture (Bayco ®).
Bi-component monofilaments with fusible sheath or with antistatic properties complete the current product range.

Diameters available from 0,055 – 6,00 mm, round or profiled shape, with customized properties.

Our brands at a glance:

  • Durafil® fibrillation- and abrasion-resistant
  • EasyKleen® improved cleanability
  • EnerSave® energy reduction
  • ElasTer® elastic monofilaments
  • FireRetard® flame retardant monofilament
  • AntiStat antistatic bi-component monfilament


Bernd Fischer
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Perlon Nextrusion Monofil GmbH

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