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roma is specialised in the production of synthetic substances.  For women's clothing and work-wear, roma produces knitted fabrics, which are processed by renowned manufacturers. In the field of technical textiles, roma produces different products for home technology, mobile technology, industrial technology, medical technology and agricultural technology. One of roma's specialities is acoustic textiles, which have a variety of uses in the entertainment electronics and the automotive industry. With roma’s patented electrically heatable knitted fabrics, textile heaters can be produced for a range of diversified applications.

Services and Expertise

In the field of spacer textiles, the electrically heatable knitted fabrics, patented by roma, can be integrated into different products. The heating elements reach high temperatures of up to 100°C with absolutely regular heat distribution within the low voltage range.
Example products are:

  • Heatable mattresses for allergy sufferers
  • Heatable wheelchair cushions
  • Heatable riser cushions
  • Heatable conveyor belts
  • Heatable clothing, bandages and other heating systems


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