zwissTEX GmbH is one of the largest companies in Europe for the production of laminations, linings and coatings. At the location in Heldenfingen an extensive machine park is available, with proven and highly modern production possibilities in which  a wide range of lamination and coating can be covered. For the production of spacer textils, composite materials are produced with different substrates.

Services and Competences

Production of composites using the following technologies:

  • Sandwich or single laminations on flame laminators, Powder laminates with thermoplastic and reactive adhesive powders as well as webs and films on flat bed systems.
  • Lamination with moisture-curing PUR adhesives via slot dies
    Aqueous based wet coatings using squeegee systems or reverse roll coater on the tenter.

Services such as cutting, punching, cutting of rolls.


Moldan Ralph
Phone: +49 7323 86-249

zwissTEX GmbH

Heuchlinger Straße 34
89547 Gerstetten-Heldenfingen